Major Hindrance of Social Change


Social change takes time to emerge. There are hindrances to social change that restrict the growth of a society and an ideology. One example is how oil companies are trying to kill the ideology of climate change. It creates confusions and division among nations. We do know that climate change is happening, and there are solutions already presented, yet no massive changes are happening.

Calamities, Drought, and Other Limitations of Physical Environment

We have seen the damage natural calamities may cause. It hinders the socio-economic growth of a country. The physical environment has also something to do with the livelihood of the people. The food we eat, the clothes we wear, and the things we do in Amsterdam city trip are affected by our physical environment. Unforeseen disasters caused by natural forces cause losses that may take years to rebuild. On the other hand, if people would initiate to rebuild what was lost, it may also drive a positive social change.


Corrupt Politics and Power

Power means “power”. There is no better definition to give justice to the impact it gives. When power falls on the wrong hands, positive social change is hard to achieve. The laws and regulations will benefit just the chosen few. Our dream of Amsterdam Heineken experience would be blurry as the fogs block the view of a new tomorrow. Corruption leads to poverty, injustices, and violence. Humans are fickle in nature, that’s why the equal distribution of power must prevail.

Resistance to Change or Luddite Mindset

Though change is the only constant in our life, there are people who resist change. They have all the reasons to hate it. It is uncomfortable and uncertain; however, this happens when we fail to think ahead of ourselves. Certain questions like what to do in Amsterdam, what’s in it for me, and how is it going to affect me are the first few questions we ask ourselves when we come face-to-face with change. Better self-questioning may help us all see beyond ourselves and think bigger.